Unlock the hidden potential of your unused and/or old textiles, fabrics, and garments! Connect with Oh Scrap! and witness the magic of upcycling. We can transform your forgotten materials into stylish and sustainable fabric products!

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Discover the beauty hidden in discarded fabrics with us! Explore upcycling wonders at Oh Scrap Madras in Chennai on our 'Upcycle With Us' page.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling fabric scraps is a process of transforming discarded or unused fabric scraps into new, usable products with higher value. Instead of throwing away these scraps, they are repurposed and given a new life. Upcycling can involve a range of techniques, such as weaving, quilting, patchwork, and applique. The process can result in unique and creative designs that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and promote the circular economy. Upcycling fabric scraps is a way to reduce textile waste and minimize the environmental impact of the fashion industry

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Lovely bows all made using fabric scraps. Unlock the potential of your textile waste with Oh Scrap! Madras

How To Upcycle With Us

  1. Fill in the google form above with the required details
  2. Once cleaned, the fabric is handed over to us.
  3. When the fabric is received, we segregate it according to the product(s) to be made/upcycled and then finalise the order with you.
  4. Time taken for completing the order is a minimum of 10 working days.
  5. You will be informed once the products get ready.
  6. Shipping charges will be extra but we can also organise a door to door service at additional cost.
What can you upcycle: Torn stained damaged garments, fabric scraps, sarees and dupattas, denim, home linen,

What can you upcycle?

beaded necklaces all made using fabric scraps. Unlock the potential of your textile waste with Oh Scrap! Madras.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Select the prints you would want to see again
  • Select fabric that are easy to use and maintain, like cotton, so you can then hand wash or machine wash your upcycled products
  • Send us freshly cleaned garments/fabric
  • All the fabric scraps created while making your products will be reintegrated into Oh Scrap! stock of fabric scrap, the upcycling of your products will be fully zero waste!
  • All our manufacturing happens in Chennai, India