"Embrace creativity and sustainability at our upcycling workshops and awareness activities for schools in Chennai with Oh Scrap Madras.

Upcycling workshops:

Oh Scrap Madras not only raises awareness about sustainable fashion but also offers the opportunity to participate in upcycling workshops. These workshops, which can be conducted either in person or online, are tailored to various age groups and group sizes. We inspires individuals to embrace their own upcycling journey and make a positive impact on the environment. If you are interested in hosting or participating in an upcycling workshop with Oh Scrap Madras, please do get in touch through our contact page.

Get hands-on with upcycling at our exciting workshops and awareness events hosted by Oh Scrap Madras in Chennai

Workshops on the impact of fast fashion:

Oh Scrap Madras is dedicated to spreading awareness about the impact of fast fashion and the importance of making sustainable choices. We have organized numerous workshops, both physical and online, to educate individuals about the harmful effects of the fashion industry and the benefits of embracing sustainable alternatives. These workshops delve into topics such as the environmental and social consequences of fast fashion production and consumption. If you are interested in participating in or hosting a workshop with Oh Scrap Madras, please do get in touch through our contact page.

Embrace the fashion revolution with Oh Scrap Madras! Engage in our friendly workshops and awareness initiatives that promote a sustainable and mindful approach to fashion.

Fashion Revolution

Being associated with the Fashion Revolution movement is crucial for Oh Scrap Madras due to the shared values and goals they both embody. Here are some ways by which Oh Scrap! aligns with the Fashion Revolution movement

1. Transparency and Accountability: Oh Scrap Madras demonstrates its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. It encourages transparency in our supply chain, production processes, and sourcing of materials, fostering trust and awareness among customers.

2. Consumer Empowerment: Oh Scrap Madras aligns with this mission by providing information about our upcycling processes, sourcing practices, and promoting a conscious and responsible approach to fashion consumption. By raising awareness, we help consumers make informed choices and contribute to a more sustainable fashion future.

3. Creating Positive Change: By joining the Fashion Revolution movement, Oh Scrap Madras becomes part of a collective effort to create positive change in the fashion industry. We can actively participate in initiatives and campaigns organized by the movement, raising awareness about the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion and promoting alternative, sustainable fashion practices. This association allows us to contribute to a larger movement working towards a more ethical and transparent fashion industry.

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