Why Oh Scrap! Madras

Oh Scrap! Madras was founded in August 2019 in India, driven by a shared passion for the planet and the environment. We specialize in upcycling fabric waste, transforming fabric scraps into new sustainable products. Our mission is to ensure accessibility and cost-effectiveness for our diverse customer base while promoting sustainable practices. Through collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations, we actively encourage responsible consumption and production. At Oh Scrap! Madras, we are dedicated to inspiring and educating others to embark on their own sustainable journey.

Meet Our Founders and Team

The founders' common concern for the environment inspired them to create Oh Scrap! Madras as a way to encourage conscious consumerism and make a positive impact on the planet.

Meet Priyanjoli Basu, co-founder of Oh Scrap Madras, based in Chennai.  As the creative force behind Oh Scrap Madras, Dominique's passion for upcycling shines through in every delightful creation.

Priyanjoli Basu

A former fashion student, celebrity manager, stylist and costume designer whose passion for film, photography, and textiles led her to pursue sustainable fashion. While studying fashion design in London, she was shocked by the destructive and abusive nature of the clothing manufacturing industry, prompting her to create a brand that upcycles fabric scrap and supports local artisans.

Meet Dominique Lopez, co-founder of Oh Scrap Madras, based in Chennai. The driving force behind our mission. Their dedication and vision have been instrumental in shaping our small, women led business' journey

Dominique Lopez

A demographer and epidemiologist who has been a go-green enthusiast for years, driven by her personal and professional experiences with sciences and population impact. Her relocation to India revealed to her the inherent sustainability in the Indian way of life, leading her to envision a platform that centres around sustainability, the local economy and women's empowerment.

Our tailoring team in Chennai! At Oh Scrap Madras, they weave their magic in upcycling, crafting unique pieces with a touch of and creativity.

Our Team

Operations manager : Manjushree
Tailors: Amala, Magesh, Nitya, Satya, Liyakhat,
Photography & Social Media: Natasha
Thrift and Online Platform: Haritha
Segregation and cleaning : Laskhmi and Selvi

Oh Scrap! Madras' upcycled products are available in multiple physical and online retail outlets across India. If you'd like to shop directly from our website click here

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