If you have extra fabric or garments that you want to discard mindfully, please get in touch with us. We will ensure that these items will be given a new life. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment by reducing textile waste.

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Are there any restrictions on the items you accept for donation?

We are accepting fabric, home linen, sarees and dupattas as well as summer clothes and denims. They can be used, torn or stained and in different types of conditions. We will make sure they are repurposed according to their condition.
We are NOT accepting winter clothes, under garments, swim wear, socks, shoes or bags.

Are there any specific guidelines for packaging or shipping donated items?

All need items need to be freshly cleaned. In a bag or carton box. and if you are shipping sealed properly. If you are based in Chennai we can organise a pick up from you.

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for donations?

There is no minimum and no maximum quantity required. All that matters is that they are not being thrown away

Can I donate both new and used items?

Yes, you can donate all type of condition items. The items handed over will be either donated to Chennai based NGOs in need, upcycled or recycled, eventually thrifted based on their conditions.